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Testing of motor vehicle instrument panels

Identification of faults in daytime and night-time view


Automotive industry

Application type:

Defect identification


Test component/task:

The challenge is to combine various testing algorithms in order to be able to conduct reliable incident and transmitted light testing for the daytime and night-time views – including in various areas of the instrument panel. This is because some errors can only be detected with incident light, and others only with background lighting. There are also errors that can be detected with both incident light and transmitted light. Errors that are visible by daylight are made visible using incident light in a variety of lighting situations. By transmitted light, the camera works with various gain settings in order to be able to achieve the required image dynamics. Thanks to our characteristic extraction checker and the dynamic threshold value, defects with a low contrast difference can also be detected. In addition, the customer-specific "adaptive pattern inspection checker" combines three different testing algorithms in one: grey tone pattern comparison, binary test window and contour check. Our highly efficient system enables the capture of up to six dials in the space two seconds, at an evaluation rate of approx. 1-4 seconds per dial.