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Synthetic Contours for Presence and Position Detection

Presence, Position – and Rotation detection based on synthetic Contours (DXF-File Import)



Application type:

Contour Matching

Test component/task:

In many inspection tasks, the presence and location of objects in the camera image must be determined. This can be done via feature extraction algorithms, the contour inspection or by cross-correlation method. When an acquired image is unavailable or unsuitable for training of contours, the Synthetic Contour Matching Checker can be used to generate reference models without relying on image data. It is possible to define circle, rectangle or polygon shapes as reference for the Synthetic Contour Matching (SCM) Checker. With the SCM-Checker users can also import CAD (DXF) data, to create reference models. Replacing acquired image data with a synthetic definition retains essential pattern features necessary for the inspection, while excluding component details that are likely to vary.


Advantage for the user:

The setup time for applications is reduce, because the training of reference contours based on image data is not needed anymore.