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Quality control in a rubber tyre production

Readout, position determination and fault determination


Tyre production


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Other applications


Test component/task:

An entire package of testing routines has to be transferred into an automated procedure during tyre production. This includes counts and distance measurements of individual wire windings as well as readout of the DOT number and verification of non-rubberised surfaces in the inspection of the fabric. Position determination of the rubber and identification and localisation of individual colour strips is also performed. This is made possible in that a high-resolution line scan camera transfers images to the controller while the rubber fabric moves along the production line. In order to guarantee homogeneous incident light, the lighting is arranged at a 45° angle above the sensing area. The detected defects can:

  • be saved as an image for further analysis
  • be identified, with their data stored for statistical purposes depending on the type of criteria
  • be identified and transmitted, along with their position determination, to the next production step for remedy