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Training courses can be customised to suit your needs and prior knowledge at any time. We always strive to strike a balance between theory and practice.

Please find a selection of our training courses below:

  • Principles of industrial image processing (lighting, camera technology, optics, software processes during image processing)
  • Panasonic image processing system: PV200 user training
  • Vision Q.400: User training
  • Vision Q.400 software interfaces – introduction to OCX, Q.HI (Q.400-HALCON interface)

We conduct our training courses at our own training premises, and will also be happy to conduct training on site at your company with a focus on the particular issues you are dealing with.


Fixed training dates 2019: minimum number of participants 6; Registration deadline 14 days before the start of training

10.04.2019 in Wunstorf: Vision Q.400 User training

15.10.2019 in Wunstorf: Vision Q.400 user training




Trade Shows

Trade Fairs 2018/2019:


Vision 2018 Stuttgart,     05. - 07. November 2018

Hannover Messe,            01. - 05. April 2019

Open House Wunstorf,   04. - 06. September 2019