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The more complex one's daily challenges, the higher one's own expectations, and the greater the demands on the work performed – and the more experience and the right know-how become indispensable. Not only do we understand the complexity of industrial image processing; we also recognise the nearly limitless potential of this technology.


Image processing systems are already an indispensable component in the automation of countless processes. From reliable testing and identification of individual components to code scanning and controlling entire manufacturing plants – none of this would be possible without high-performance image processing. Other practical advantages are obvious as well. Intelligent image processing will secure or enhance the quality of your production process, and helps to avoid errors. At the same time, consumption of materials is reduced. The result is increased energy efficiency and more efficient recycling of materials.

Advanced image processing is the starting point for optimising the results of your production processes.


This simple principle has become a guiding idea for us at Q.VITEC GmbH, and we are firmly dedicated to it. This is why we strive to put our wealth of experience and passion for image processing into practice in our solutions – so that we can pass them on directly to our customers. We are aware of the significant degree of support required by our products. For this reason, we have committed to the mission of supporting future users of our technology by employing an exceptionally customer-oriented and holistic process from start to finish. In practice, we begin by analysing your procedures and the precise requirements imposed by your needs. We then create solutions to optimise your workflows, integrating our components directly into your systems – working in precise, customised fashion.


The most important objective is to achieve maximum economy and performance in your production process.


Our products are simply the means to this end – the ideal means, we dare say.


Adhering to this approach, we not only prize sustainability in our products, but user-friendliness as well. Ease-of-use is the focus, and it paves the way for performance gains. It is important to remain constantly focused on developments such as ever increasing standardisation, or the enduring trend toward miniaturisation. This is precisely the common thread running through our solutions; supported by years of expertise and a distinct awareness of the value of service, and of employing a practical approach, our ambition is to forge ahead where others run up against their limitations. When we identify and develop a solution together with you, it will also be realisable in practice. This is the focus of all our efforts; we always see ourselves as the interface between intelligent technology and the immediate needs of our customers. In the end, our products need to offer only one thing: the simple answer to the question “How can we achieve optimal production results?”


In other words, the more complex the daily challenges, the higher your own expectations, and the greater the demands on the work performed – the clearer it becomes that Q.VITEC GmbH is the right partner to have at your side.

Vision Q.400 V9.1.2.132


Vision Q.400 V9.1.2.132


Vision Q.400 V9.1.2.132


Version 9.1.2
- Interfaces:
  - Ethernet I/O:
    - IP Addresses and are avaliable now by default.
  - File-Interface:
    - several fixes.
- Framegrabber:
  - Bug-fix: ANPVC1210 Cameras should be initialized correctly now.
- Demo:
  - Bug-fix: Grablock behaviour.

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