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Customer solutions

How may we further assist you? Vision Q.400 is a powerful, scalable tool that you as a user can harness to carry out nearly all tasks within the industrial image processing.

But sometimes needs arise that are far removed from any standard. Do you need a special camera, be it for thermal imaging or x-ray imaging? There is a good chance that even these can be integrated into your system.

Do you need special algorithms for your testing procedure? These can be integrated as add-on testing elements using our Q.HI interface, while completely retaining all the standard features offered by Vision Q.400.

Does your robot need an unusual interface protocol, or do you need to feed test results directly into your spreadsheet? With Q.CX, our universal ActiveX interface, this is a doddle.

We will be happy to support you as early as the development phase of the product that you subsequently wish to test. The fact is that many tests simply become easier to run when your product has been designed with its eventual manufacturing check in mind.

We also offer you complete solutions in conjunction with our system integrators.