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Powerful and versatile.


The systems in the Q.400 series are based on tried-and-tested industrial PC technology. The high level of computing performance, optimised software and customised hardware facilitate the use of high-performance procedures that can reliably solve even the most complex tasks. All systems are supplied ready to use, with both hardware and software.

  • Q.400SD
  • Q.400PD
  • Q.400MD
  • Q.400XD
  • Q.AGE-X

All Q.VITEC systems have the Vision Q.400 image processing software pre-installed. This means that you benefit from:

  • a "turnkey" system
  • fully harmonised and tested components

Imagechecker Q.400XD

In addition to excellent processing power, our premium product Q400XD also offers countless optional enhancements. The system is particularly well suited to processing-intensive inspection tasks, with the option of up to six CameraLink© cameras operating in parallel.
In other words, the Q.400XD is perfect for carrying out complex inspection tasks requiring extremely rapid and precise testing using multiple matrix/line scan cameras. This attractive complete system is based on a high-performance, extensible industrial PC in 19" format. The Professional version naturally comes pre-installed with the professional image processing software Vision Q.400 .


A robust metal housing with mounting brackets, front-end connections behind a lockable cover, a plug-in CPU board and a 24/7 hard drive in the disk caddy are just a few examples of the industrial design concept underlying the Q.400XD. The Windows 7 Standard Embedded 64 Bit installation is on an industrial CF card. In connection with what is referred to as the File Based Write Filter, this is an important safety factor preventing e.g. file defects after an uncontrolled system shutdown.

A couple of highlights at a glance:

  • Camera Link®
    Easy to use cameras. The digital image capture cards are based on CameraLink® technology, which enables rapid transmission of image data, and ensures smooth, high-contrast images. Thanks to the PoCL(Power over CameraLink®) connection, now you will need just one camera cable per camera, combining both the data and supply voltage lines.

  • Extensible/upgradable hardware (flexibility)
    The system has several free (PCI/PCIe) slots permitting customer-specific expansions – e.g. to include additional interface cards or frame grabbers. The basic configuration has an integrated CameraLink® frame grabber with 2 PoCL connections and a digital E/A interface with 16 isolated inputs/outputs each.

  • Possible interfaces:
    Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, Interbus

Image Checker Q.400MD

The "embedded" Q.400MD platform delivers high performance in a compact unit. The Q.400MD, despite its small size, is a fully-fledged PC-based image processing system. Hardware and software are pre-installed and optimally harmonised with one another. This saves you time-consuming configuration work, allowing you to concentrate fully on the image processing task at hand. In other words, the Q.400MD combines the advantages of a compact system with those of a large PC system.

The system is available with two different camera interfaces:



  • Gigabit Ethernet, GigE-Vision
  • Cost-effective, cable lengths of up to 100m possible
  • The Q.400MD is also available in the GigE variant. This variant combines the advantages of high computing performance with the flexibility of Vision Q.400's GigE camera interface
  • It is possible to connect up to 12 cameras to the system, irrespective of whether they are VGA or 5-megapixel, monochrome or colour!

  • And all while preserving the functionality of the full version of Vision Q.400

Camera Link®

  • The CameraLink variant is especially well suited to time-critical applications

  • The Q.400MD supports a wide range of cameras: The Quad-Speed camera transmits images 4x faster than standardcameras. It can transmit partial images to the Q.400MD in just 2 ms.
  • If higher resolutions are required, e.g. for measurement tasks, it is possible to connect 2-megapixel and 5-megapixel cameras


Do you need even higher resolutions, high-speed or line scan cameras? In that case, we will be happy to customise the camera interface for you.

Generally, the Vision Q.400 Professional imaging processing software comes pre-installed on the system, meaning that you can perform high-end image processing on a compact system without any unnecessary detours.

Imagechecker Q.400PD

With the advantages of a touch panel PC, and the performance and flexibility of the tried and tested image processing software Vision Q.400, Imagechecker Q.400PD is a cost-effective, efficient solution for many different visual inspection tasks.


The system is supplied with "turnkey" with the newest version of the multi-functional Vision Q.400 software. This allows you to configure various testing tasks in a simple, intuitive fashion.


Thanks to its compact design, the Q.400PD is also easy to integrate into existing systems. You can choose between two different panel sizes – 15 inches or 22 inches. Either way, this is a highly space-saving solution, as both monitor and computer share a single housing. In addition, the devices are available in profibus variants in addition to the standard hardware interfaces (RS232, USB and LAN). The ActiveX ® interface enables communication with other programs like databases or custom user interfaces.


By using innovative Gigabit Ethernet cameras in conjunction with modern network components, we have put together a perfectly harmonised overall package for the Q.400PD. This makes it as simple and secure as possible to integrate Gigabit Ethernet network technology within the framework of your own application. Standard components like switches, as well as highly flexible cable lengths, help you achieve significant economies in terms of installation costs.


The Q.400PD uses a CPU from the Intel Celeron processor series. Paired with the latest Gigabit Ethernet camera technology, this efficient computing architecture permits the realisation of an image processing system at a highly impressive price-performance ratio. The application spectrum of the Q.400PD extends across a wide variety of typical industrial inspection tasks – including challenging segments as well.

Imagechecker Q.400SD

DIN rail PC for industrial image processing !

The Q.400SD is industrial image processing with high performance in miniature .

The system offers power density , functionality and flexibility.
Inside the Q.400SD a Atom Quad Core CPU with 1.9GHz works .
The 2 GigE ports support Power over Ethernet ( 48V ). For the price of a vision sensor up to two 5 - MP cameras can be operated with the power of a quad-core processor.
In addition, the Q.400SD has a massive and very high-quality industrial housing, which thanks to its standardized installation capability, can be easily built into the corresponding manual or standard electrical cabinets.
The image processing software Vision Q.400 is preinstalled on your system . The offer consists of either the software packages BASIC , ADVANCED and PROFESSIONAL and can be combined with the modules of the image processing software Vision Q.400.

Imagechecker Q.AGE-X

With the Machine Vision system form Q.VITEC you can connect up to 4 GigE cameras
Using switches you can extend the system with up to 12 cameras.
The robust image processing computer Q.AGE-X is passively cooled and has all connections for power, GigE cameras and peripherals located on the front side.


Please visit also the web site of our partner IMAGO Technologies:

Panasonic Imagechecker PV200/PV500

The PV500 stands out for its high flexibility and ultimate performance. The digital Camera Link® interface guarantees interference-free image transfer. Numerous testing tools make this system a reliable universal measurement instrument.


Colour for your testing task

In order to identify colours, you can e.g. determine the RGB values of a testing range, populate the values into formulas, analyse the data and output a result. Naturally, you can also convert colour images into greyscale images using weightings. This puts you in a position to be able to highlight exactly the colour aspect you need for your testing task (e.g. performing measurements, identifying contours, or identifying foreign objects). Last but not least, you can train the PV500 to recognise multiple colour ranges, while freely combining them. This allows you to identify and evaluate image ranges containing exactly the colours you have trained the system to identify.


Extra performance

4-processor system, DSP and pipelining. The system is equipped with serious computing power. There is one processor exclusively for handling real-time image acquisition. The most computationally demanding task – harnessing image processing algorithms – is handled by a DSP. A RISC-CPU provides rapid analysis and output of acquired data, and a dedicated graphics processor supports display output. In order to be able to achieve the fastest possible processing times, image acquisition, image pre-processing and inspection, plus results assessment and display can all be performed asynchronously.


When less is enough

The PV200 is the ideal, cost-effective variant if "all" you need is a 0.3Mpx monochrome camera.



Numerous advantages at a glance:

• 4 processors provide impressive computing power

• Digital CameraLink™ technology for fast, trouble-free image transmission

• 2 cameras in parallel

• Greyscale and colour system in one

• 6 different camera types with resolutions up to 4 megapixels

• Numerous testing tools (e.g. edge finder, pattern comparison, defect control)

• Excellent filter functions including Tophat, RGB, etc.

• Digital I/O, RS232, Ethernet and USB

• SD card slot (also SHDC)

• Simple configuration using the keypad or free PVWIN software

• Compact, industrial design (fanless)