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Vision Q.400 V9 / V9 [plus]


With our flexible licensing model, we give you the ability to optimally tailor your software purchase to your exact needs – and all within an economically sensible framework.


They range from the Professional [plus] version – this is the cornerstone for the most demanding testing procedures, and can be implemented independently of any hardware – to the Basic version, which handles simple testing jobs with great precision. You will find exactly the right software package for your particular challenges. And should you require any additional functions, this will naturally be no problem at all. Numerous modules can be upgraded at any time, exactly as you require.

Examples of innovations in Vision Q.400 V9

Independent inspections with just one vision system

With Vision Q.400 [plus] you can perform up to 12 independent inspection processes with just one machine vision system. The connected cameras are divided up and used in secondary inspection projects within the overall application and they can be started at independent points in time. In practice, the processing PC behaves as if there were several independent systems in use. This way the fast computers available today with several processor cores can be used efficiently and no longer spend the majority of their computing time waiting for the next inspection run. This cuts down on both hardwareand operating costs as well as enabling the use of smaller cabinets requiring less effort when it comes to installation. Vision Q.400 [plus] also comes in Basic, Advanced and Professional versions and can be expanded by adding modules. In addition, Vision Q.400 [plus] can be scaled to accommodate the required number of concurrently running inspections.



Identification example

Sample-Based Identification

For many applications it would be desirable to identify objects without special printings such as barcodes or data codes. On the basis of sample images a classifier is prepared. The algorithm automatically extracts predetermined characteristics from each image. For each characteristic attributes are calculated internally describing the texture and color of the object. In combination with our Color CameraLink cameras that achieves the perfect identification.

Image Manipulation for Color Cameras

Besides being able to select a channel of the color image for further processing, there is now the option to weight the individual channels of the color image and to combine them into a grayscale image.


The license model in detailed overview

Add-on modules

Our add-on modules allow you to upgrade your Vision Q.400 package in a rapid, targeted, highly cost-efficient and customised fashion, entirely in keeping with your needs and expectations.



This module activates Vision Q.400's Code Reader Checker. This enables your system to scan a wide variety of barcodes and 2D codes, which are recognised reliably even under critical conditions. As an option, it is possible to determine and output code quality as well.


OCR Module (Optical Character Recognition)

In addition to the OCR Checker, this module activates the Vision Q.400 Code Reader Checker. The OCR Checker enables automated reading of text. This applies equally to simple predefined fonts, and to special fonts which the system has been previously "trained" to recognise.



This module activates the Identification Checker. It can be used to identify objects on which the system has been trained based on characteristic features like text or colour. Recognition is performed irrespective of rotation, scaling, perspective, lighting changes and – within certain limits – even of deformation and occlusion. The algorithm merely requires textured objects.


FLEX Module

With this module, there is no longer any limitation with respect to the number of actions to be executed in a result-dependent manner. Use up to 12 cameras! Take advantage of the clear structure of execution groups just as conveniently as the option of branch execution using if-case formulas. At the same time, this module lifts the limitation on the number of checkers used for Vision Q.400 Essential.


Q.HI Module (Q.400-HALCON Interface)

Once equipped with this module, your system will be able to do practically anything when it comes to algorithms. It enables seamless integration of HDevelop script code. This means that you will have full access to MVTec's established image processing library HALCON. You can either do the programming yourself, or leave it to us.


Number of simultaneous inspections

Vision Q.400 [plus] permits inspections in up to 12 independent, asynchronous. 

Vision Q.400 V9.1.2.132


Vision Q.400 V9.1.2.132


Vision Q.400 V9.1.2.132


Version 9.1.2
- Interfaces:
  - Ethernet I/O:
    - IP Addresses and are avaliable now by default.
  - File-Interface:
    - several fixes.
- Framegrabber:
  - Bug-fix: ANPVC1210 Cameras should be initialized correctly now.
- Demo:
  - Bug-fix: Grablock behaviour.

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